What Caused “The Great Resignation” in America and How Can Companies Become More Appealing?

The Great Resignation is a relatively new term that was only created last year. It refers to a large number of people who voluntarily quit their jobs. But what caused this phenomenon to take place in America? How can companies work towards providing employees with a more beneficial and positive environment to prevent them from taking part in The Great Resignation? 

The Pandemic

The Great Resignation was founded in May 2021, during the midst of the global pandemic. As a result of working from home and not being able to commute to places as usual, people started to realize the true importance of having a work-life balance for their own mental health.

This resulted in several people giving in their resignations in order to find new opportunities that allow them to work while also enjoying their life to the fullest. People realized that life is too short to stick to jobs that don’t respect you or pay you what you deserve for your time and effort.

Where are We in 2022?

Most people think that The Great Resignation began and ended with the pandemic. However, that is not the case. This phenomenon still exists today in 2022, and it is expected that people will continue to quit their jobs at a large scale throughout this entire year and the next.

Studies reveal that one in five Americans will quit their jobs in 2022. These people will be in search of jobs that provide them with a better standard of life so they can enjoy their work and leisure time together. This generation does not want to compromise on the quality of life.

Company Appeal

So what is the real reason a good majority of people are going to quit their jobs in 2022? Companies are no longer appealing. There was a time when people would be fighting to get a job, but now, companies are fighting to find workers. People aren’t going to work where they aren’t appreciated or respected anymore.

A company needs to promote having a longer PTO or maternal/paternal leave. They also need to stop making employees work overtime, at least without a pay. Encourage an open and friendly work environment. Gen Z and millennials are not going to stick around where they have to act formally all the time. Most importantly, companies need to start paying better wages.

Once companies start appreciating their workers and paying them as deserved, we will finally see an end to The Great Resignation.

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