Female Billionaire CEOs: Melinda Gates

When we think of Microsoft — a lot of words that describe the powerhouse multinational software company comes to mind such as innovation, uniqueness, and reliability — even this article is written using a Microsoft program. Up to the current date, Microsoft remains to be a household name, and the people behind the company’s ongoing success also experience the same amount of attention. One of these remarkable people is none other than Melinda Gates, former Microsoft employee and ex-wife of founder and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Besides sharing the spotlight with her former spouse, she has also made her presence known in the realm of philanthropy by co-establishing the world-renowned Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — also known as the world’s largest private charity organization as of date.

Much of her multi-billion-dollar fortune can be attributed to her stake in the Microsoft corporation. As reported to be most likely included in their divorce settlements, Melinda received $2.4 billion in securities from Bill Gates’ investment firm Cascade Investment. Additionally, Melinda also received a huge sum of stock shares from the divorce proceedings which include 14.1 million shares of Canadian National Railway ($1.5 billion), 2.94 million shares of AutoNation ($309 million), 25.8 million shares of Coca-Cola Femsa ($120 million), and 155.4 million shares of Grupo Televisa SA ($386 million). 

While a majority of her current billion-dollar fortune comes from the assets she was entitled to during her separation with Bill, Melinda Gates has made a name for herself among the world’s top philanthropists and also among the best innovators in technology in recent times. Some of Melinda’s notable achievements include donating billions to several charities all over the world through her foundation and an investment and incubation company by the name of Private Ventures which prioritizes the social progress of Americans — especially female founders. Prior to her marriage to Bill, Melinda Gates has also made her mark in the technology age by working on essential projects which people all over the world now enjoy in the comforts of their computer screens such as Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Expedia — one of the world’s top travel booking websites.

By Neil Gregorio

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