Female Billionaire CEOs: MacKenzie Scott

Most people know MacKenzie Scott as being the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, but what a lot of people do not know about the American novel writer and philanthropist is that her journey to becoming one of the richest individuals in the world is a result of her impressive skill in the art of business. However, the American multi-billionaire doesn’t let the fame and fortune get to her head so easily — MacKenzie’s selfless works and incredible donations with several charity organizations has also won the hearts of not only the media — but also people from all corners of the world. 

As of the year 2021, MacKenzie Scott’s net worth is currently valued at an estimated amount of $59.6 billion. The bulk of this net worth value can be attributed to the ownership stake she has with Amazon which Scott was entitled to from the divorce settlements she has agreed upon with her ex-husband. Currently, MacKenzie Scott has 4% ownership of the online retailing giant. 

However, the American novelist is not afraid to part with the astounding assets that are currently under her control. As of June 2021, Forbes reported that MacKenzie has donated up to $2.7 billion to several charities since the beginning of the year. Her philanthropic activities can also be credited to a campaign which MacKenzie is currently connected with called The Giving Pledge; the movement encourages well-off people — usually billionaires — to donate at least half of their total assets to charitable organizations.

Besides her stake on Amazon, MacKenzie Scott’s multi-billion net worth value can be credited to other financial-related settlements from her divorce with Bezos and from other ventures such as two published novels — the award-winning book The Testing of Luther Albright and Traps. Despite her continuous billion-dollar donations to multiple charities all over the world, MacKenzie’s wealth is showing no signs of slowing down as her stake in Amazon continues to rise rapidly as the company stock value gains more traction yearly at an increasing rate. Things are going really well for the American billionaire who was once included in Time’s 100 Most Influential People list back in 2020.

By Neil Gregorio

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