Miss & Mrs. America Nation: The Up-And-Coming International Pageant With Emphasis On Women Of Color and Diversity


Image Credits: Miss & Mrs. America Nation Organization

The Miss & Mrs. America Nation organization is a phenomenal up-and-coming international pageant system based in Chicago, IL. The pageant aims to promote "a diverse nation" and "beauty with inspiration," using predominantly women of color to raise awareness and promote worldwide equal exposure for women of all phenotypes and backgrounds. This is a nontraditional pageant system in the fact that it is very heavily service-based with minimal emphasis on more superficial qualities that many beauty pageants focus on. Thus, ensuring that their queens spend more time making a difference in their communities than anything else. The CEO of Calynn Communications & Creative, our parent company, Calynn M. Lawrence is their reigning Miss World for 2020. 

The Founder/CEO is Dr. Krystal Okeke who is the former Miss Illinois US Universal 2016. She gave the following quote:

""It is with great appreciation and honesty, I am very happy to continuously host the America Kids Multicultural World event and Miss America Nation Pageant. It is with hope to empower and transcend the minds of people to accept each other regardless of race, age, ethnicity, gender, or stereotypes. 

Uniting cultural and expanding visions is my goal and expectations for both organizations. 

We hope for the best in the coming season. Keep in touch with the Beauty with inspiration movement.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Krystal Okeke "

Meet some of their queens below!


"Good morning! My name is Oriane Medjom Toguem. I am 23 years old and I am Miss International America Nation 2021. My platform is empowering and advocating for everyone with a disability. The main reason I chose this platform is that I am a person with a disability myself who has been diagnosed with autism since the age of 2. In my service, I have read books to children, done giveaways and more. I have a passion for singing opera, fitness and modeling as well as pageantry."
Recently, Oriane was featured in Italian Vogue for her modeling.


Unie Brinckley, Miss America Nation 2020 is currently working with non-profit organizations to help those in need of food, clothing and jobs. Her goal is to build a legacy that will benefit the homeless,  disadvantaged children and people with disabilities. She has a secular background in healthcare and medicine, and is an aspiring entrepreneur. 


Deanna is a Senior Account Executive with Careerbuilder in her career. As a certified Personal trainer & dietician, she competes in the figure division with the NPC bodybuilding committee. She also is the founder and Host of Label-Free Podcast streaming on 10 different audio platforms and has a channel on YouTube interviewing her dynamic guests. Deanna is extremely family-focused and believes in those strong foundational values. She is a former fashion designer, was a finalist in Style Chicago's Cadillac Design Challenge a few years back, and also has her own skincare line she developed with her Mother. Deanna is passionate about charities and giving back in all aspects of her life but most importantly raising awareness around human trafficking. As a widow, she knows the importance of living a life of purpose and intends on spreading love and positivity wherever she goes. 


Sharen is a former model, media personality and local humanitarian in the Chicagoland area. She has been working hard to advocate for and prevent food insecurity in underprivileged demographics such as the elderly and poverty-stricken environments. She volunteers for a number of organizations and is very passionate about her cause. As a strong single mother of three lovely daughters, she sets a great example for her children in how to benefit their community as the current reigning Miss Illinois America Nation 2021.


"Hi! My name is Gloria Djidonou, Mrs. Benin Universe America Nation 2019-2020. My platform is to help the homeless. I have done a lot of charity in my country, Benin, focusing my community service on fighting hunger. I have fed over 100 kids. I have also been involved in helping the underprivileged people here in America. I always wanted to be a blessing to people in need." 



Cadence is a vibraious 8 year old young lady. She is currently in the third grade. Cadence has a goal to own her own Pageant school. She wants to help young ladies via mentoring and education. Her platform is helping the underprivileged and helping other children. In her community, she provides services, such as feeding the less fortunate, making donations(monetary, clothes, school supplies and toys) and raising awareness of disorders and diseases(Breast Cancer, Lupus, Austim and etc.). She also volunteers at the church thrift store. Cadence is always ready to give a hand in service. Cadence aspires to be an Art Teacher and a Scientist. As her interest changes, so do her career choices. Her current talents are drawing, clothes making, shopping, pageants and dancing. Cadence even loves being in Girl Scouts and Cheerleading. 


This pageant system is full of AMAZING women who are making a real difference in the world! They are led by a fearless leader who has made her mark in pageantry and the beauty industry. We look forward to witnessing their future success in all that they do!