Lifestyle Blogger, Beauty Activist, Entrepreneur: Simona Bambina

What's your story?

As a multitalented muse who loves to share her creative arts and the CEO of “ShopSimonas” Beauty Brand, I strive to inspire others to find joy in the journey of self-love.  
It was one random day while I was a retail stylist at LOFT and Saks Fifth Ave while also studying at Douglas J Aveda Chicago to become an Esthetician that I found myself trying to figure out my life purpose. 
As a Licensed Skin Care Professional, Brand Ambassador, and Lifestyle Print Model for the past few years plus a Dancer for as long as I could walk, I’ve pretty much always found freedom is expression. Combining my spa services, eye for fashion, sales experience, and love for dance, I realized that what I valued the most in my career is living a life that motivates me.

What are your current projects? 
2020 has been full of growth for me. From working on major products like Empire, TheCHI, and Chicago Med to launching my own holistic beauty company I am constantly branding myself. 

Why do you do what you do? 
Being able to help others find peace within themselves and achieve inner beauty gives me true joy. 

Who or What inspires you? 
Although music, meditation, and family play a huge part, The passion to always learn something new parallel with the desire to become a better me every day is what gives me the drive. 

If you could change anything about your industry? 
I would focus on changing the love-hate relation with natural beauty and provide more opportunities for diversity in Fashion and Beauty.

What are your goals? 
Expanding my audience and networking with other talented artists. I want to spread knowledge through multiple platforms and make a career out of doing the things I love. 

What do you plan as a millionaire? 
I plant to change the stigma that it’s one way to reach success. It all starts with believing in yourself and manifesting your dreams into reality.  

Image Credits Freddy Turner and Darel Photography