Entertainer, Musician, Motivator: Debra Fiore

Debra Fiore is an accomplished and elegant singer/songwriter/pianist who's earned a reputation as one of Chicago's finest performers for corporate, weddings, and special events. The Chicago vocalist/pianist has been performing since she was 18. Her exquisite singing and 3-octave range is often compared to that of Barbra Streisand. Her 3-octave range will soar you into new heights as she sings many diverse genres of music including classical, jazz, show tunes, and country. 
Debra started learning the music business about the same time she began to walk and talk from her parents.  Her mother toured with Elvis Presley and her father was a notable musical conductor for the highly acclaimed singer Ann Jillian.

Debra began her musical career singing jingles and recorded her first demo for client Bigsby and Kruthers Shoes when she was 22. She has entertained at the Italian Fest, the Arcada Theatre, co-hosted on a weekly cable tv show titled "Powers Hour" with comedian host John Powers, and has performed at many up-scale country clubs and hotels including Medinah, Inverness, Barrington Hills, Ruth Lake, Oak Park, Naperville, Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Trump International, and the Hilton Hotels. 

Why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because I find a sense of inner fulfillment and gratification which comes with performing for people. 

What are some projects you are currently working on?
Currently I'm in the process of writing some new songs to complete my cd.  
I'm very excited about the CD which will be a compilation of standard showtunes as well as some of my own originals. 

What are your goals for the short-term and long-term?
My goals for the next year would be to continue performing for corporate events and weddings. The next 5-10 years I would ultimately love to be performing and giving concerts to my supportive fans and audience in a large arena. I also strive to get back into singing jingles and hope to one day be singing commercials for your favorite products!

Who or what inspires you?
I'm inspired to write music from events that have touched my life and are impressionable to me. My parents have always been my biggest inspiration growing up.  Considering my Mom's connection to Elvis and my Dad's outstanding piano skills, as a child I knew that music was all I wanted to do when I grew up!   I also feel a sense of inspiration from Kenny Loggins who personally wrote me a letter from a cd I sent him and stated "You've definitely got chops!" 

If you could change anything about your industry what would it be?
I would like to see more Private Country Clubs allow a performer to invite their fan base so they can showcase their talents not only to the members of the club but the people who love and support them as well. 

What do you plan to do once you cross the millionaire mark?
I would continue to do the thing I love the most...MUSIC and be grateful and thankful to everyone who believed in my talents and supported me to get me to that point!