Doctor, Pageant Queen, Principal: Delmar Denise "Dominique" Peterson

What is your story?

My name is Dr. Delmar Denise “Dominique” Peterson. I am a United States American Veteran.  I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.  I am currently completing a second Master’s Degree. This degree is in Education with a concentration on obtaining my Principal Certification.  I am an Illinois School Board of Education licensed instructor certified to teach Psychology, Sociology and Special Education Classes. I currently work as an International Baccalaureate Middle Grades Special Education Teacher.  I have many years of experience developing personalized education plans for students with varying abilities across three different states. I had the distinct honor of receiving an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Ministerial Education conferred upon me on February 23, 2020 from the Shekinah Glory Theological Seminary and Institute accredited through the Bible Institute of America Theological Seminary.

I am a member of the All Nations Worship Assembly located in Chicago, Illinois pastored by Apostle Dr. Mathew Stevenson under Overseer and International Author, Apostle John Eckhardt.  I have served as a Prophetess in Zoe Ministries which is the Order of Mar Elijah under the mentorship of Arch Bishop Bernard Jordan since 2011. 

I have recently been crowned with my new title as Ms. Illinois US World 2019-2020.

Why do you do what you do? 

I accepted the title as Ms. Illinois US World because my platform allows me to pursue my goal of being a humanitarian and becoming a philanthropist which are assignments that, I believe, were divinely given to me as life purposes to fulfill.   

What are some projects you are currently working on? 

I plan to finalize the legal structure of my not for profit agency to more effectively serve people of all walks of life including the underprivileged and low-income families 
throughout Illinois with generously donated funds.  

I have accepted the appointment to serve on the board of the International Gathering of Prophets and Apostles (IGAP).  I hope to grow spiritually and administratively as I serve.

Additionally, I will serve in my appointment as an Administrative Coordinator for the Progressive Minds Initiative.  This is a community-based project showcasing a radio show and curated community events throughout 2020 designed to affect positive attitudes within our society through verbal dialogue, cultural awareness, social activism, economic empowerment, mental health, nutritional wellness, and legal advocacy.  Our vision is to, “Keep Hope Alive” and our mission is to give, “Power to the People!”

I just adopted sponsorship of the most beautiful Latin baby named Sofey, through Compassion International, during my church’s World Changers Convocation at the All Nations Worship Center Event which was held downtown Chicago at the McCormick Center.  It is the goal of my pastors, Apostle Dr. Matthew and Apostle Dr. Kamilah Stevenson,  to have our church sponsor hundreds of children internationally throughout 2020 and beyond until the children become self-sufficient adults.  Of course, this goal is now a fundamental part of my World Platform!  

In 2020 I plan to do more traveling with my Crown to include various cities throughout Illinois; states within the US and countries internationally.  Toward the end of January 2020, I made an appearance in Tennessee to accompany accomplished Blues singer, Ms. Claudette Miller, who received the prestigious honor of being featured in the International Women In Blues Showcase at the Alfred’s venue on the historically famous corner of Beale Street and BB King Boulevard in Memphis.   I would like to visit Mexico in order to meet my Compassion International sponsored child, Sofy, and her beautiful family.  

What are your goals for the short-term and long-term ? 

Next year I hope to complete my Principal Preparation Certification Program.  I will be certified to be a Principal for the Chicago Public Schools certified by the Illinois School Board of Education.  By next year, I hope my not-for-profit agency named “Provision Unlimited” will be fully operational in our own building having acquired corporate contracts to distribute goods, home appliances, home furniture, brand name clothing, and grocery items.  

Within 5 to 10 years I hope to have an accredited charter school, between the grades of preschool to twelfth grade, that is fully operational. 

Who or what inspires you? 

I am inspired from within as I reach for spiritual strength and motivation.  I am inspired by mentors who embody the goals, visions, and aspirations I have for my life. 

If you could change anything about your industry, what would it be? 

I believe the pageant industry is moving in the right direction because it appears to be embracing a more inclusive value system of how a woman’s beauty should be esteemed and valued.  Being an African American woman, myself, it is very inspiring to know that the most recent five major Crowns that have been conferred upon women both nationally and internationally have been received by Woman of Color.  The industry has taken a sharp turn with this move and it has caused me to feel that there is a place waiting for me in the near future on the international stage and I am so excited regarding what’s possible.

What do you plan to do once you cross the millionaire mark? 

I definitely plan on spoiling my immediate, extended family, friends and loved ones.  I enjoy giving large gifts to people like the day time show host Ellen Degeneres has been famed to do on her show.

At that time, I will also probably own a lot of real estate and a few schools.  After crossing the Millionaire Mark, I envision myself creating a self-sustaining community consisting of individuals who were previously indigent in some way such as having being oppressed with homelessness, unemployment, mental illness, etc… I would like to build a community whose commerce is a bartering system wherein each resident contributes in some vital way to the welfare of that micro-society.  The lifestyle will be very self-sustaining such as food being derived from crops, wind and solar-powered utilities; practical and simple housing for community residents.  The community’s motto would be, “One For All and All For One!”