Artist, Advocate, Instructor: Anthony Amos

What is your story?

Hi, I'm Anthony. I'm addicted to vibrant color and love to create energizing artwork that
sparks exciting conversation. I fell in love with drawing at 4-years-old. My mom introduced me to a pen and a piece of
paper to direct my energy in an inventive direction. I grew up a sensitive child, very
astute, but misunderstood. Art kept me off the streets and was my escape from a
hardhearted reality. I thank my mother, grandmother, and other family for the support
and introducing me to art. Fast forward a few years later, my grandmother took me to art
classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. I had discovered a true purpose.
Currently, I work as a freelance artist. I specialize in vibrant dramatic portraits. In 2018
I received the ‘Timeless Artist” award from Park Forest township and have painted
hanged murals in Homewood, IL. I also instruct painting parties in my spare time.

Why do you do what you do?
I like to think of it as an instinctual desire to reach out and subconsciously
communicate. It's my way of showing the world “this is me”. It is a substantial source
of pride for me and my family.

What are some projects you are currently working on
I am currently painting two murals at a local church. The focus is on the
unconditional love that God offers humanity and the inspirational journey of Christ. I
am also illustrating a children's book. With any spare time, I’m working on a series of
portraits honoring inspirational family members.

What are your short term/long term goals?
My most current goal is master marketing and branding. It has become a valuable
skill in recent years and mastering it will increase my outreach exponentially. I am
also aiming at doing a large art show in New York or Los Angeles. In at least 5 years
I plan to launch a brand development & marketing course for young artists. It will
discuss challenges facing today's young talents like social media and brand identity.

Who or what inspires you?
In grade school, a few teachers told me I wouldn't make it as an artist, which has always
been an inspiration to work at my craft. My mentor Duane, who is always pushing me
to strive for more in art and business motivates me through his artwork too. My
current inspiration comes from my son, August. His steadfast approach to learning
and desire for a challenge truly sparks my desire to improve and achieve. I want him to
be proud of me and his lineage.

If you could change anything about your industry, what would it be?
I would like to change the culture surrounding the arts industry. Being highly
competitive, the industry and artists themselves can be very discouraging. Some
artists become self-deprecating, and I have seen it lead to a lack of sales, marketing,
and overall growth.

 What do you plan to do once you cross the millionaire mark?
I plan to establish a mentoring network for young dreamers to receive proper
guidance and development. I will also build a large facility for artists to discover
themselves. By combining the two I hope to inspire an unseen level expression and
passion in humanity.