Tatyana Ali Launches Baby Yams, a Handmade Quilt Collection, and Will Donate 100% of Proceeds

Tatyana Ali, a famous actress and singer who has been appreciated by many, is broadening her creative skills through an interesting new project. Recognized for the part she played in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," Tatyana now starts Baby Yams. It’s a range of handmade quilts that have both artistry and purpose. She says all earnings made from this will go towards charity purposes completely.

The Inspiration Behind Baby Yams

Tatyana Ali's love for her family and traditional values is the source of inspiration behind Baby Yams. She has always had a strong bond with handmade quilts, associating them with warmth, affection, and attention to detail. Her aim through this collection was not just to offer these comforting traits but also to make an impact in society by promoting local craftsmanship.

The Art of Handmade Quilts

Every quilt from the Baby Yams series is made with great care by talented artists. They are not only pretty but also special and have their own story to tell through lively designs and careful sewing. The collection has different kinds that suit babies, kids, and grown-ups making it a good choice for any gift need.

Giving Back to the Community

The special thing about Baby Yams is Tatyana's promise to give away all the money she makes from selling these quilts. She wants to help charities that assist families and children who are less fortunate. When you buy a Baby Yams quilt, it's not just about the lovely, crafted item but also supporting good.

How to Purchase?

You can buy the Baby Yams collection in a special online shop. The website has descriptions and pictures of each quilt, helping customers to decide which design they like best. It also gives details about the charities that will receive money from sales, giving trustworthiness and clarity to buyers.


The collection of Baby Yams quilts from Tatyana Ali is not only a business but also an expression of love and care. When you buy one handmade quilt from this range, it's like joining in the purposeful action to assist others while having pleasure with your very own special creation that provides warmth and loveliness too.

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