The 411 with Mrs. USA America Nation 2023, Dr. Raquel LaCour-Marsh

Who is she?

Dr. Queen Raquel LaCour-Marsh is currently the reigning Mrs. USA America Nation 2023, and the former Mrs. Illinois America Nation 2022. She is a wife and mother of two daughters, Megan LaCour- nursing school student and Maysen Moorehead- Emory Law School student. Dr. Queen USA America Nation, Raquel received her Bachelor degree in Broadcast Journalism from Columbia College. Prior to graduation she attended North Central Private College.

She worked as a radio personality with Hits USA radio and began working with Africa USA Magazine as a freelance journalist and was promoted to Media Representative.  From her time with the magazine, she soon became awarded for journalism by being honored with both Journalist of the year and the International Women of Distinction. Dr. Queen Raquel attended esthetics school and graduated with high honors. She began working as a freelance makeup artist and then began working for the iconic brand Chanel Cosmetics. Currently, she is the Business Manager for Bond no.9 award winning fragrances.

Mrs. USA is also an ordained minister. As an advocate with The Bedrock Movement, she volunteers with community service by taking part in groups on the street helping the homeless of Chicago. She mentors both women on drugs who suffer from trauma, and those that have suffered from domestic violence. Not only does she lead women domestic violence groups, but she provides bus/train passes for the homeless ladies to escape their abuser and get to a hospital or safe shelter.

Dr. Queen Raquel enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her family and friends. She is passionate about women empowerment and she believes with God you can achieve anything. She wants all women to learn to love themselves and exude confidence so they can shine and fulfill their purpose. Dr. Queen USA wants to leave a legacy. Her favorite quote is by Peter Strople “ Legacy is not leaving something for people, but leaving something in people.”

What is her mission?

Dr. Queen Raquel, Mrs. USA America Nation 2023 wants to open up a modeling and etiquette academy that will instill confidence, and teach others to show kindness and respect. With her academy, she can teach manners, through these changing times, and bring back the development of proper social skills, and provide the proper way to engage in polite conversations.

Currently she wants to do a documentary on those living in tent city and actually stay and show people the actual experience of their life. As an author, she has longed to do a children’s character book to help build good character and integrity.

Her short term goals are to continue to provide support to her two daughters as they are working hard to accomplish their goals in life. Being a mom is her first priority, and how they pursue their dreams is her ultimate concern. She is extremely proud of them and her job as a mom will always be her major concern. She also plans on setting and achieving strategic goals by accomplishing her missions in life.

Her long term goals are to provide a sense of woman empowerment.  She believes in order to be successful, you must first make the preparation for it. She plans to continue to focus on being a good leader, surrounding herself with positive people with good energy, and focus on her missions from her long term strategy of determination, hard work and prayer. It is God that will align her with his will for her life, and she will trust in the Lord.

What inspires her?

Dr. Queen Raquel has so many people that inspire her. She is inspired by her former Father- in -law, Dr. Myron Moorehead, now retired, but was the first African American Micro-Laser Surgeon. While watching those hard -working goals extended to her former husband, Chip, who has been a successful entrepreneur.  She is also inspired by any woman that is fulfilling their purpose and having faith in God. One person for example, is the CEO of Miss & Mrs. America Nation, Dr. Queen Krystal Okeke for believing in her. Dr. Queen Raquel is also inspired by her entrepreneur girlfriends, Dr. Shatira Wilks, and Dr. Kara Dentley,. Dr. Raquel gives much praise to her mentor Apostle Bridget Outlaw. Last but not least, she is honored by her friendship with Dr. Delmar Dominique D- Peterson, her soon to be business partner, who is a godly woman that inspires her to do greatness. She also gives tribute to her supporting family and friends.

What changes does she want to see in the industry?

The major thing I would change is the swimsuit competition because it adds body shaming and many contestants will turn to plastic surgery, which can be life threatening.  It would be ideal if they had more than one winner from different body types to help the youth to see that beauty comes from all shapes and sizes.

What does she plan to do once she crosses the millionaire mark?

Queen USA America Nation 2023, Dr. Raquel LaCour-Marsh plans to first help her two daughters with a financial plan, by investing, and will settle any financial debts. She is not going to go off living a lavish lifestyle, but will be smart about saving and will seek help with investing with the proper investments. She also wants to give back to the poor and homeless, because she knows that when one person gives freely the Lord will repay you for your deed.

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