Global Pageant Queen and Behavior Therapist, Michaela Austin

As an Autism Advocate and parent, wife, Behavioral therapist, Endometriosis warrior, Member of the Order of the Eastern Star and Associate Matron of her Chapter, Ministry leader, world traveler, and humanitarian Michaela lives life to the absolute fullest encouraging and teaching others to be their best self despite all odds.

Michaela's humanitarian efforts were founded in her youth. At the age of 15 she could be found building wheel chair ramps for the disabled and volunteering with meals on wheels. She has donated and volunteered her time to thousands of organizations across the nation and globe.

Her platform as Ms. Fresh Face Universal will highlight disparities in underrepresented communities in the USA and abroad, more focuses on Autism Awareness and Spectrum disorders, as well as teaching others how to get more involved.

Why do you do what you do?

I attribute my son as my primary motivation for doing what I do. My son was  diagnosed with Autism when he was 8 despite the fact that I had numerous practitioners who turned us away since he was 2. 

What are some projects you are currently working on?

I am currently promoting endometriosis awareness, a cause that has affected me but also has impacted 176 million others. This disease is one that often goes misdiagnosed and happens to be misunderstood even by doctors currently.

What are your goals for the short-term and long-term? what inspires you?

My short term goal is to pass my licensure. However, my long term goal is to establish my own Practice that assists and treats children who are developmentally and/ or intellectually delayed. This TRULY is what inspires me!!! Children on the spectrum are not puzzles that need to be figured out yet building blocks for a more inclusive and stronger community that needs advancement. 

If you could change anything about your industry, what would it be?

The stereotypes of non-verbal kiddos not being able to communicate. Many times they just need someone who can tap into their worlds and teach them a more appropriate way to functionally communicate. 

What do you plan to do once you cross the millionaire mark? 

“A person with more money is still the same person, just a person with more means to be who they always were.” I plan on continuing to give of myself wholeheartedly. I’ll just be able to do it 10× fold.