A Letter From Ms. Woman United States 2020: Joanna Trailov

"iamlov, Joanna Trailov 

Lov is an inspired, intuitive, barefoot goddess that will climb into your heart. She will unleash the tame, soften the edge, and ignite your fire. Driven by good-old fashioned heart and soul, as a mentor, coach and intuitive teacher, I have dedicated a lifetime to creative movement, a journey in self-love and a practice of self-awareness that supports my healing daily. I see myself as a survivor, a warrior, a child of the universe, a daughter, a sister, a mother and a friend. I’ve realized over time that the dedication it takes to have internal motivation goes well beyond physical training. I’ve taken my certification in Sports Medicine and experience as a Master Reiki Practitioner to help myself and others find a path to healing. I find it remarkable to assist others with personal transformations that lead to them stepping into personal power. This in itself inspires me and I will forever support this journey for my own right and those of others ready to receive and step into their power. 

Through the vessels of my nonprofit organization, iamlov the power of healing and transformation is limitless. iamlov is feeding the healing cycles and breaking the cycles of abuse one heart's space at a time. This year the power of lov intends to create, produce, and host healing retreats for ALL beings especially survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and abuse. Currently, we have joined forces with other organizations with similar goals to provide support and services in holistic and spiritual arts. 
In the next five to ten years I foresee massive uplift and healing in our world and intend to be on the forefront of this emersion with restorative retreats, inspiring workshops and creative classes to evoke change and purpose for the betterment of our world. iamlov non profit organization is all about transformation and is delivering lives living with purpose, supporting the rise and uplift of ALL beings. We understand the power in sacred moments and breakthroughs found in natural healing modalities such as… Yoga, Meditation, Fitness Therapy, Sound Healing, Energy Healing, Art, Music, and Dance.

I intend to publish my first book, called Madewithlov a manuscript for healing, as well as, launch The Trailov Method, a coaching 
curriculum that bridges the Body, Mind, and Soul with holistic and 
spiritual arts as the epitome of mindful movement that understand the miracle of our anatomy...This leads me to the unfolding of francissing the “Goddess Barre” the birth of movement I have created from Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, and being a Goddess, and opening the doors to 
my own Wellness Center. I absolutely love what I do and honor the opportunity to evolve with it and be part of its change. 

 As I cross the Millionaire mark I see myself praising the abundance and honoring the legacy that I pass to my children...A life of purpose and one that continues to answer to the calling of LOVE, truth, 
intention, and purpose."