Fashion Designer & Celebrity Style Expert: Bella RoKa

Standing proud at five feet tall, Kathy Bitar's small frame packs in the spunkiest of personalities and the boldest of fashions. The stylist and the owner of Bella Roka may be small-sized but she would be noticed in the largest of crowds for her amazing sense of style and her knee eye for fashion that has brought her to where she is today. 

At an early age she was destined for a career in fashion. Her mother was an initial source of fashion inspiration. Wanting to stand out from the crowd in school, she used to ask her mother to design and tailor her outfits. Kathy fought the temptation to go into the fashion world at an early age because she wanted to pursue her education. 

After finishing her education in Business Management and Connecting IT With Business, Kathy decided to combine her education and her passion for fashion in an online women’s fashion boutique, Bella Roka, which carries unique and trendy clothing curated for the modern woman. 

After a few months of launching her online boutique, Kathy started getting offers to style and design for local runways and cover magazines. She was the stylist and designer for Derby On The Runway, for the music video crew “The Way You Move”, for the International Multicultural Award Gala Runway, and for Live Out Loud Charity 10th annual fashion show.

As a Fashion/Wardrobe stylist, Kathy’s mission is to empower women of all colors and sizes to change their perception of themselves and enable them to tap into their inner selves through wardrobe and accessories. She focuses on providing women with service to develop a personal style, exude confidence, and ultimately feel comfortable in their own skin. The goal is to create fashion sense based on individual personality and lifestyle, regardless of size. 

Why do you do what you do? 

I do what I do because I believe your personality isn't the first thing people see. Dressing well is a form of good manners, and when you look good; you feel good, and you do good.

What are some projects you are currently working on?

I was working on a couple of big projects before Coronavirus affected the earth. I was part of a daily talk show called a "Chick Chat" on Jam TV Channel. Having daily conversations to support and empower women and entrepreneurs. And my other project is being the stylist and designer for multiple music videos.

What are your goals for the short-term and long-term?

My short-term goal is finding a cause and design for that cause. When apparel designs are consistently focused around a specific element or concept, they will receive more attention and that concept will become my design signature. My long-term goal: once I have selected my cause and designed an extraordinary apparel collection around it, I want my brand to go worldwide and the voice of my design and style to speak louder than any language.