Rapper, Songwriter, Artist: Yovo

YoVo is a Chicago based Artist(Rapper, Songwriter, Entrepreneur). he is half Puerto Rican and half European descent.  YoVo has always been fascinated with music ever since he was a child... his grandfather was a well known Spanish singer from Puerto Rico. As a little boy YoVo (as told by his father) would be cruising the streets of Chicago bumping old school hip-hop and always had an ear to the beat even at the age of 3. By the time he was 13, he decided to record his first song and ever since then YoVo started studying the game and learning different flow patterns and rhyme schemes he can add to his own style. YoVo has been making music since the age of 13. Now at 26, he feels like he is ready to take on the greats and solidify his place in the industry all while inspiring other upcoming musicians and entrepreneurs such as himself.

Why do you do what you do? 

I do what I do because music has always been a way I can cope with my emotions and my own personal outlet to get away from the world to express my art and how I feel. I've always wanted to know what I was good at and I feel like creating music is something I'm really really good at.

What are some projects you are currently working on? 

Some projects I'm currently working on are definitely a lot of singles on the way and collab projects with different artists of all types of genres in this beautiful city. I love working with passionate artists such as myself and learning different things. Also, my debut album will be on the way soon for those that have been waiting and asking me. I am a perfectionist haha.So, I want to make sure I give you guys the best of me but the raw true version of me.

What are your goals for the short-term and long-term? 

My goals short term right now are to definitely get myself out there more and inspire more people and also to just make a difference any way I can and spread positive vibes. My long term goals are definitely to make a name for myself and to show people that just because you feel like you are not good at one thing like everyone else that you are good at something else and that you've just gotta find your passion.

Who or what inspires you? 

Who inspires me? I would have to say both my mom and my dad. My mom because she is a creative baddie and everything art wise I give her all the credit. The things this woman can do are just amazing so I definitely get my creative side from her. My dad because all his life he was put through situations that most men wouldn't know what to do with themselves but my old man can fight through any situation no matter how tough. So, I get my willingness and strong mind from him to help me watch my own back in this industry.

If you could change anything about your industry, what would it be? 

If I could change anything about my industry it would be if more artists can tell their story and not just repeat the same old song and dance on a catchy beat. Give the world what they wanna hear and never be afraid to let it be heard!

Once I reach that million dollar mark, first things first.I will take care of my family and make sure they are all good. I grew up in a big family so for me to be the one to get them all straight would mean a lot to me! I'll invest in businesses, myself, basically just more ways i can make more profit not only for myself but for my children when they come into this world.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my story and what I see myself as not only as an artist but also as a human being.. God bless!