Barbie Movie Becomes the Highest Grossing Film With All Female Directors


Since its release more than two weeks ago, Barbie has surpassed the $1 billion milestone, with Greta Gerwig serving as the film's female director. Warner Bros. Pictures said on Sunday that the film made a total of $1.0315 billion on its opening weekend, with $459 million coming from North American theatres and another $572.1 million coming from other markets. 

It's been three weeks, and the picture starring and produced by Margot Robbie is still in first position, despite the fact that it's not even close to being done with all the views. It was the first movie at the company, including the Harry Potter series, to break the $400 million domestic and $500 million international mark faster than any previous picture.

The Barbenheimer Phenomenon

The mash-up of Barbie and Oppenheimer, which has been given the name "Barbenheimer," has become a popular cultural phenomenon, and it has the potential to resurrect the declining movie theatre industry. With a total revenue of $302 million, Barbenheimer was the weekend that earned the fourth most money for the industry in the history of North America. 

Due to the fact that its debut date was simultaneous with that of Oppenheimer, the term "Barbenheimer" was created as a result of the marketing effort for Barbie. This led to the coining of the term "Barbenheimer" by the general public. And that's when everybody realized that something extremely extraordinary and one-of-a-kind was going to generate an outcome for the movie that was going to be far greater than anyone had anticipated, not only for the opening weekend but also for its run in theaters all over the world.

The Barbie Sequel

A source informed The Sun that Mattel has approached the team that worked on the fantasy comedy picture to negotiate their contract arrangements for a follow-up feature. The film will reportedly be based on a toy line created by Mattel.

Due to the fact that the sequel is still in its very early stages, plot specifics and other information are being kept under wraps. It is currently unknown whether Robbie and the rest of the ensemble of Barbie will participate in the film's upcoming sequel. Greta Gerwig's presence has also not been verified for the upcoming season.

 In an interview with People Magazine that took place before the discussions on a sequel, Gerwig highlighted her wish to return to the Barbieland, expressing her hope that the picture would be the birth of a universe as well as a number of different Barbie films.

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