Award-Winning Comedian & Entertainer: Debbie Sue Goodman

Debbie Sue Goodman performs a one-woman comedy show based on her best-selling book, "Still Single" which includes many humorous and heartwarming stories about Debbie's life. Her book, "Still Dating" includes many more humorous stories.  Debbie is a comedian and an actress/lyricist/vocalist/impressionist and has appeared in many comedy clubs, theaters, charity events, and cable TV shows. Debbie has also made numerous guest appearances on Chicago TV & radio stations, author appearances, and book signings. Debbie wrote a screenplay and comedy show titled, 'Dating Dilemmas.'

Debbie's latest novel is titled, "My Husband the Stranger."

Numerous articles have been written about her books in Chicago & local newspapers. Debbie has appeared as an extra in many movies filmed in Chicago, and appeared in many plays at Devonshire Playhouse in Skokie, Illinois.

Why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because I love performing onstage. I enjoy seeing the audience laugh & smile. I also enjoy writing books, song lyrics & screenplays. I love to sing & do celebrity impressions in my shows. The audience enjoys my comedy shows. 

What are some projects you are currently working on?
Until places open for performing, I'm currently still writing more stories. I'm currently working on the second part of my screenplay, 'The Moving Nightmare.' It's a drama. My first screenplay is titled, 'Dating Dilemmas.' I performed my comedy show at many small theaters in Chicago & the Northern suburbs of Chicago. I also performed with a couple of other local actresses in the show based on my screenplay about a widowed Mother who talks her single daughter into trying online dating. The humorous dating scenes are in my play. Then the daughter talks her Mother into joining online dating. It's a very funny show. The audience loves it. I also wrote many song lyrics throughout the years. Whenever something sad happened in my life, I wrote a poem about it. Then I turned the poem into a song. I also play guitar & piano. I appeared on many local TV news shows, radio shows & Chicago & suburban cable TV shows. I won an award for 'Best Comedian' two years in a row. It's an Oscars-related award in Chicago. A big thank you to my dear friend- Sandra! 

If you could change anything about your industry, what would it be?
 I wouldn't change anything in my business of performing & entertaining. I enjoy performing. I hope all the movie theaters can open again soon. I hope all the movies can start filming again very soon & all the entertainers can be back on stage in all the wonderful theaters. 

Who or what inspires you?
My 3 books are all dedicated to my wonderful Mom, Lois. She passed away over 6 years ago. She came to all my comedy shows & author events.

What do you plan to do once you cross the millionaire mark? 
If I become a millionaire from my work, I would love to open a theater of my own to perform my shows. Also, to have my other performer friends appear in the theater with me. I have always enjoyed performing with my friends that are performers. I've invited many friends to perform in my comedy shows. I also have scenes from my 'Dating Dilemmas' screenplay on my youtube channel. They were filmed at a good friend's cafe. I'd donate to cancer research charities.