Model, Advocate, Actress: Ericca Avila

What is your story? 

I am Chicago native, born and raised. I grew up on the southeast side of town being brought up by an outspoken, strong, single mother. I was taught to remain positive and independent as she solely provided for me and my two sisters. I grew up surrounded by many women and adapted to several personality types and witnessed many struggles but also saw lots of beauty and strength. 

I grew to love fashion, beauty and business. However, having been married and divorced before the age of 25 years old I didn’t get to pursue my dreams. I was now a single mother who was a victim of domestic violence with two toddlers and no high school diploma. I worked in sales and as a bartender for over 10+ years to support myself and my family. I found myself settling down again in 2016 when I grew tired of criticism for not working a traditional career and not being married. 

I got hitched and planned to be a stay-at-home mom and wife, thinking that was to be my happy place. Yet, things didn’t pan out and again I found myself in a controlling relationship, blaming myself for settling down when I was not happy. By 2018, I realized I needed to be independent again. So, I decided I would pursue a career in fashion advocating for women who suffered in abusive relationships and to inspire anyone who lacked confidence! These were two things I faced. First I’d become a professional model to build my brand and platform. Then, I’d reach more audiences and speak on my experience with domestic violence to bring awareness. I went back to sales with a media company that represents beauty businesses. This led to the opportunity to network and fight for women empowerment consistently, helping me even more with my public image and modeling career!

  I got signed to an acting agency less than 6 months of becoming a public figure and have been continuously busy with work as a model, actress and public influencer. I also partnered with a fashion apparel brand, becoming their USA Designer Assistant and Brand Representative. I market for them and have showcased the clothing in fashion runway shows and photoshoots. I am very grateful for these opportunities and my career!

What are your goals? Both short-term and long-term?

This year my goal is to speak more publicly and grow my following on Instagram So I can continue to promote small businesses other women entrepreneurs and represent the bigger women of the world. In the next couple of years I wish to have my own individual fashion clothing brand so I can style people of all sizes shapes and backgrounds, fashion unites people and can make you feel great, I want everyone to feel confident and attractive!

What is one thing you would change about the fashion and beauty industry?

 The one thing I’d like to see more of in the fashion and beauty industry is resources for startup businesses and funding from angel or private investors. 

What would you do if you crossed the Millionaire Mark?

When I become a millionaire I’d like to invest in a franchise company that has proven to be successful that way me and my kids can travel I’m thinking Victoria Secret or Portillo’s they’re always crowded Lol not sure if those two are options but that’s the route I’m going. The Beauty Of The World inspires me I want to experience things that bring peace, tranquility and joy.