A Letter From Miss Minnesota Petite 2020: Mikayla Greer


"My name is Mikayla Greer and I am a Junior at the College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth MN. I am studying biology and this year has been very busy, involving my work study with the medical team at a local humane society and preparing for nationals where I will compete for Miss USA Petite. With my platform now as Miss Minnesota Petite I am raising awareness for children with autism. I grew up with an autistic brother, so wanting to help and support kids with autism is something that I hold dearly and close to my heart. Along with raising awareness for the wildfires that took place this year on the west coast, myself and other women competing for the national title helped by donating supplies to those who needed them during the fires.

I am a full time college student and I spend my time outside of school planning for a national pageant for the title of Miss USA Petite. I represent the state of Minnesota and will join multiple other ladies in chicago this coming March. I want to do this pageant because it is a great way for me to educate myself and others on what autism is and how it affects everyone. I want my reign to be used to show the good in everyone and teach everyone to see the good in every person because in reality we are all different from one another.

Some projects I am working on are creating a costume for nationals that represent my state and shows what my state is like. Each title holder that is a Teen or Miss has to create a costume to  represent their state, and the Ms. and Mrs. are also allowed to join beside us. I am still not sure if the idea I have now is going to be my final decision but it's a starting point. I am also always fundraising for autism and accepting donations that will go to organizations that focus on autism also. I also love Christmas time and even though this year will be different, i am still keeping the Christmas spirit and creating Christmas boxes that can be used as decorations for family members!

My short term goals are to prepare and practice interviews and runway posture, I will continue to work on preparation for the National pageant. I also want to work on getting into small business modeling and receive more professional photo shoots to use for my campaign. My long term goal is to continue building awareness for autism and for others suffering even if I am not crowned Miss USA Petite. I will always treasure the achievement of being crowned Miss Minnesota Petite and will continue to do good and be the good we need and I will always encourage others to do the same.

My father has always been the first person to come to my mind when I am asked who inspires me. He taught me so many things throughout my life and has shaped me into the woman I am today. I also am inspired by my brother, he has always done outstanding things and is the nicest young man I have ever met. When I was searching for a platform for this pageant I decided I wanted it to surround my brother, that is why i chose to continue to grow awareness and knowledge about autism, and I will continue to do so.

If I was to become a millionaire I would first pay off my student loans, after that I would continue to help other communities and businesses/organizations through tough times. I would always want to give rather than receive and would continue to be that light that some people didn't know they needed until it's there. I always will want to help no matter what I have to give, this is how I was raised and it's how I grew up and it means a lot to me that I can do things like this"